Where to find news on cryptocurrencies

There has been a lot of important news about cryptocurrencies this year. Here is few:

  • Elon Musk tweeted a lot about Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), driving the market crazy each time. Some traders give it as a bright example of a pump and dump scheme.
  • MasterCard announced plans to integrate Bitcoin.
  • Ripple (XRP) seemingly got an upper hand against SEC.
  • German and Ukrainian national banks chose the Stellar blockchain (XLM) network as a platform for development of their own digital currencies.
  • China banned Bitcoin mining.

These are all interesting titles, and you might want to look where to find news on cryptocurrencies just out of curiosity. On the other hand, knowledge can always be monetized one way or another, so what practical value could you derive from these?

If you had followed Elon Musk on Twitter and got inspired by his Doge praise, you would have bought it and became a millionaire, like Glauber Contessoto. The impact of Mr Musk’s tweets is generally so massive that you should be less concerned about where to find the best news on cryptocurrencies and more concerned about him in person.

  • Any news concerning the adoption of Bitcoin guarantees the rise of interest towards it, and therefore, the rise of its price.
  • SEC could have bashed Ripple (if their accusations had a solid legal ground), and Ripple holders would have lost their savings. They now are content in the future of Ripple.
  • Stellar’s partnerships with national banks across the world give a good idea about its credibility. The partnerships also provide the Stellar Development Foundation with additional financial securities. Again, it will reflect on the coin’s price.
  • As soon as the Chinese government announced the ban of bitcoin mining, it became evident to miners that the Chinese market would instantly become overflooded with cheap mining equipment. Indeed, industrious miners rushed to China to order dozens of ASICs and video cards.

Isn’t it evident that being well-informed on the state of affairs in the crypto world would earn or save you a pretty penny? Let’s discover where to find the latest news on cryptocurrencies right now!

Where to find the latest news on cryptocurrencies

The general news sources are a good spot to get latest on cryptocurrencies news. They only elucidate major events that have a significant impact on the industry at large. These news sources rarely post opinionated articles (and you should be careful when they do), sticking to solid factual writing.

If you are already subscribed to Bloomberg, Forbes, NY Times, or the like, then check out their cryptocurrency news section. There are more than enough finance magazines online; there is no point in listing all of them.

The same is true about large TV news channels: they post high-quality cryptocurrency-related news that will surely influence your financial decisions. We have cited these sources quite often in our articles: for example, CNBC or BBC.

As of where to find news on cryptocurrencies, specifically, the choice narrows down to Coindesk as a top crypto news aggregator on the web. They post articles, videos, podcasts, interviews with the industry pioneers, infographics… You get a good 360-degree look on what is going on with crypto in real time.

It does seem that Coindesk holds a monopoly in cryptocurrency news but there surely are other places where to find the best news on cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency exchange websites may post their own news articles: Coinbase, for example, has a section called “This week in crypto” with respective content.

If you are interested in digital assets in general, you must have come across Investopedia articles. They post high-quality guides, explanations, and definitions; there is also a sizable news section on their website.

Investopedia is trustworthy and credible. However, just like any other major news source, be it Beincrypto or yahoo.finance, they give a broad picture missing out some finer details.

The major news sources offer a good starting point to quickly catch up on news that affect everyone involved in cryptocurrencies, one way or another. Yet, here is what you risk to miss if you stick exclusively to these sources:

  • New coin or token creation announcements. An asset in question may be a game changer (like Enjin, Mina, Solana, Polkadot…) and there will only ever be one chance to buy them for ridiculous prices, their historical low. Just like you will never again see bitcoin for $1 for certain — you may never see Cardano for $1, for instance.
  • Various insider information: airdrops, giveaways, community activities, etc. Once upon a time, Uniswap gave away 400 UNI tokens (worth up to $1,200 at that time) to every user just to keep them from moving to SushiSwap.

And where do you get news like this from?

Where to find the best news on cryptocurrencies

Apparently, if you want to get an authentic, fresh news piece first-hand, you must subscribe to its source. The official Uniswap communication channels, for example, were the place where you could find out about the upcoming airdrop. This information would appear anywhere else with a slight delay.

The same is true about any coin or token. Just decide which coin you truly care about and subscribe to its emails, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, Mastodon, Medium — whichever is available and best suits you.

There are dozens of professional Youtubers, who collect the best news and share their insights with the community. CryptoStache comes to mind, just for the sake of example.

Generally speaking, YouTube may become your top destination, where to find the latest news on cryptocurrencies but hey, YouTube is not the only video hosting service out there. How about checking out LBRY.tv or 3speak, built on blockchain? These platforms are home to hundreds of gifted creators. By the way, you can give and receive cryptocurrency tips there.

Some professional traders communicate exclusively through Twitter (Discord, Reddit), so quite a little research is required. This is how you get latest on cryptocurrencies news.

Get latest on cryptocurrencies news summary

A quick recap: a circle of major news sources, developers, and crypto experts should provide you with enough data to strive in the domain of crypto.

The Trustee Wallet app, too, offers a humble portion of cryptocurrency news conveniently delivered through screen notifications. Sometimes we post info about new coin listings in the app, sometimes we update you about the price changes of major coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. That surely won’t be enough for the perfect picture of the market but we are not a news platform, after all. Where we truly shine is coin storage, trade, and liquidity provision: all in one app. See you whenever you want to buy some crypto!


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