What is the best crypto bot

If you are willing to spend days and nights manually trading crypto for life, you’ll soon notice that it’s exhausting and quite inefficient.

About three quarters of all trading in the world is automated. Globally renowned exchanges rush to implement at least the most basic auto-trading options. These tools enable traders to fine-tune their strategies and earn consistent profit with minimum interference.

One has got to use crypto trading tools to make their trading effort-efficient. Therefore, the question: what is the best crypto bot?

We also have to warn you to keep an eye on significant news surrounding the apps we propose. Sometimes the app creators will push through a dramatic change of Terms and Conditions; sometimes they’ll post an update that allows an app to read more of your personal data than it needs to. You would 100% reconsider the definition of “the best”.

For example, there once was Maximus Crypto Bot. It was actively advertised and perhaps held in high regard among traders until replaced by more advanced alternatives.

Most of the bots we are going to review are cross-platform. So if you are looking to find out what is the best crypto bot for a particular platform, mind that more often than not this same bot will be available on a number of other devices.

How crypto trading software works

Websites communicate with PC software via the so-called Application-Program Interfaces, APIs. One can both fetch data publicly available on a website or execute a specific action, such as a trade transaction. Trading bots do exactly that: link to a user’s exchange accounts and create trading orders based on pre-set criteria. Smart bots analyze media prices, trading volumes, and other signals across the available exchanges, plus trending search queries.

The best crypto bot for PC compares more online exchanges, picks higher-profit deals, and employs better long-term trading strategy overall.

Best crypto bot for PC

Different bots suit different users: some require all-around IT-related experience, the others are maximally user-friendly.

PC compatibility does not guarantee that the particular bot will run. Make sure that a bot of your choice supports your operating system. Otherwise, setting it up will involve unnecessary effort. Windows OS is mainstream but there’s a growing demand for Apple products so double-check the supported platforms if you look for the best crypto bot for iOS or MacOS in particular.

The known work-around to the platform compatibility issue is the installation of virtual machines or compiling a bot from its source code. Non tech-savvy users would naturally like to avoid falling to these measures.

Blackbird Bitcoin Arbitrage

The principle of arbitrage bot’s work is to read the price discrepancies on different exchanges and resell bitcoin for profit. Doing it manually is a lot slower, obviously.

The active development of this bot stopped in August 2020. It is doubtful that you can still make any significant sum on the bitcoin price discrepancies but the educational value of Blackbird’s demo mode remains high without any doubt.


Not merely a single-purpose bot but a set of trading tools with visual interfaces. There are literally a dozen tools, all of which are free and open source forever. These qualities easily make the project nominate for the best crypto bot for PC, if there was one.

The cherry on top is its built-in tutorial.

Catalyst Enigma

A free bot for advanced users. It supports four exchanges at the moment: Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, and Bitfinex.

To make the best of Catalyst one should familiarize oneself with Python libraries under the hood; then devise a viable strategy and backtest it against the available data sets. Tweak the strategy as necessary and repeat the process until the strategy is optimized.


This one is hardly a bot because it does nothing on its own. It is controlled through the command line (if you don’t mind) and intended, first and foremost, for testing purposes, as the developer themself states.

What makes it unique is a modular approach: users combine any of the available tools to build and execute their strategies on the available exchanges, which include Binance and FTX.

Best crypto bot for Android

One cannot conveniently use all the advanced features of the trading bots for PC on their mobile device. For example, we can’t list Trality as the best crypto bot for Android because it is not on Google Play, and even if it were, one would be completely cut off from its Python integration capabilities.

For ultimate versatility, go for desktop bots.

As for the downloadable mobile apps…

Cryptohopper – best crypto bot overall

Those who have no programming language expertise choose mobile apps for the ease of use and portability.

Cryptohopper offers you the chance to trade hundreds tokens on more than a dozen of exchanges for a subscription fee ranging from $20 to $100 per month. The fee depends on your activity and needs.


3Commas bot brings complex trading routines closer to an average user with an affordable service and intuitive visual interface. Their blog brings in even more value to the community with daily advice, news, and deep analytical articles.


The bots you create in the app usually run in the cloud, which grants them another advantage: scalability. With TradeSanta you can deploy unlimited number of bots on the cloud for $30 per month. The only downside to this is that the subscription fee is charged annually.

The number of trading pairs to choose from is just unimaginable. What are the supported exchanges? Binance, Upbit, Huobi, Coinbase, OKEx – just enough for starters.

Best crypto bot for iOS

The Android crypto trading bots we have reviewed so far are usually available on iOS, too, so there should be no problem downloading and using them. After all, these are successful commercial software products, no some under-financed indie hobby projects. They care about expanding their target audience and making it happy.

Therefore, the best crypto bot for iOS, per our opinion, is the same as the best crypto bot for Android: Cryptohopper. It is paid but the expenditures are fully justified: you intend to make more than you spend.

Last but not least, crypto trading is a taxable financial activity in the US. Knowing that the rest of the world tends to follow American legislation in a number of domains, you might want to prepare yourself before it’s too late.


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