WalletConnect in Trustee Wallet

A universal platform for accessing all the possibilities of the world of cryptocurrencies is a must for every cryptan. Today, a user does not have time to download several mobile services and deal with their interfaces, he needs to instantly carry out all the necessary operations in one application, – believes the Trustee Wallet team.

That is why, in parallel with the “traditional” features, we have integrated WalletConnect into Trustee.

From now on, users will have direct access to the DeFi marketplace, in particular to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and Apps (DApps).

Wallet Connect: how to use

All you need to do is click “Connect to a Wallet” on the website or app of the decentralized service and scan the QR code using Trustee. The Trustee application will ask for confirmation of the connection, after which the user will be able to conduct the transactions he needs.

The Wallet Connect function is supported by the wallet without restrictions, with its help you can access any decentralized service that supports it.

This opens up wide opportunities for earning – a Trustee user gets the opportunity to trade on decentralized services, and the earned assets can be immediately withdrawn to a bank card.

Also, Trustee has integrated a large number of DeFi tokens and allows you to add “custom” tokens, which creates a wide variety of user actions.

The wallet implements innovative security technologies, which means that the user can be sure of the safety of their assets.

WalletConnect + Trustee – limitless possibilities of the world of decentralized finance!

Still have questions? – Welcome to our chat https://t.me/trustee_wallet


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