Disabling the ruble

putin in a fraudulent and shameful way attacked Ukraine! Just imagine, in 2022, military missiles attack residential neighborhoods, kindergartens, and hospitals in the heart of Europe. 

vladimir putin’s obvious goal is to enslave a nation, Ukrainian culture, and people. This seems to be impossible in the twenty-first century. And yet, with imperial swagger, Russian troops, tanks, and planes came in droves, the British publication The Guardian wrote of the invasion.  

Bloomberg, in its central headline, calls the attack “a dark day for Europe” and potentially the most serious conflict in Europe since World War II. 

Unfortunately, ordinary Russian citizens are deprived of the truth: The Russian media twists information about the invasion of Ukraine without calling it a war. Putin himself, in a special address, reports a “special military operation” aimed to “protect people,” which does not correspond to reality.  

In order to stop the mass bloodshed, the world community united as never before and imposed unprecedented sanctions against the dictator and top Russian officials, their children, and state-owned companies. EU countries are closing the skies to Russian planes en masse. Sanctions have been imposed on Russian banks and the process of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT has begun.   

All these and many other measures have been taken to stop the financing of this senseless bloody war. 

However, according to the experts interviewed by The New York Times, the aggressor has many tools at his disposal for financial sanctions-busting. To circumvent sanctions bans and resume supplies of weapons, resources, etc. he can use cryptocurrencies.

Definitely, after such crushing financial sanctions and isolation from the global banking system, cryptocurrencies may become one of the alternative options for financing a full-scale war against Ukraine.   

For this reason, we cannot allow putin and his regime to use Trustee to finance terrorism and war, so we are forced to shut down all ruble destinations, starting from February 28, 2022, 11:30, am Kyiv time.  

As Trustee Wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, all users’ funds as well as the ability to make transactions remain under their full control. We have no influence on transactions.  

We appreciate and love users regardless of race, nationality or religion who share democratic principles and our values. We believe they are in the vast majority, and we sincerely apologize to them. We regret that they also became the victims of Putin’s aggression and believe that together we will defeat the criminal regime!  

We emphasize that the limitation is aimed solely at preventing the use of the application for criminal purposes and thank you for your understanding! 

P.S. All other services work without change!




  1. Степанов Юрий Вадимович Reply

    Это вы ничего не знаете и оболванены вашей пропагандой.
    Мы всего лишь требовали нейтралитета Украины. И все.

    1. Чистий Українець Reply

      Какой еще пропагандой? Я вижу своими глазами все что несет “русский мир” – это разрушенные города, семьи, смерть, насилие и мародерство. О каком нейтралитете речь?

      Вообще в голову не укладывается, что в 21 веке, когда нормальные люди летают в космос, пользуются криптовалютами один старый дед устроил в нашей стране этот кошмар и шайка его прихлебателей радостно поддерживает его с фашистской символикой в руках.

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