Trustee Wallet announces Festive Quest: guess the seed phrase and get a Prize – $ 500 in BTC!

On May 1, Trustee Wallet turns two years old and, in honor of the Holiday, we decided to please our users not only with valuable prizes, but also with exciting entertainment.

The conditions are simple: for four days, from April 27 to April 30, we will publish pictures in which 12 words of the seed phrase will be “encrypted”.
Every day from April 27 to April 30, in social networks and the telegram channel TrusteeWallet, we will publish 3 pictures each, on which certain words of the seed phrase will be drawn, indicating the serial number.
Any verbal designations in the picture are intended to simplify guessing and do not represent the word seed of the phrase.

On May 01, during the Holiday Air, we will announce the transfer of $ 500 in BTC to this wallet, and the fastest participant who has solved 12 words of the seed phrase will be able to import the wallet and receive $ 500 in BTC.

We wish you all good luck and see you on the Festive Air on May 01!



    1. Людмила Кукуету Reply

      guess the phrase from the pictures, set up a wallet for this phrase, and on May 1 we will transfer the prize there.

    1. Людмила Кукуету Reply

      You may have imported the wrong phrase. I’ve seen similar cases in other people’s draws.

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