Trustee Wallet multicurrency wallet integrates Harmony blockchain (ONE)

The perfect Harmony Wallet is now always with you – in the Trustee app.

Trustee Wallet has already integrated more than 30 cryptocurrencies available for purchase  with bank cards and thousands of tokens.

Harmony is a fast blockchain that can process up to 10,000 transactions per second. With 1,000 network nodes, it solves the scalability issues relevant to Ethereum blockchains without sacrificing security or decentralizing the network. 

Today, the Trustee wallet offers secure storage, receipt and sending of ONE cryptocurrency, as well as HRC20, HRC721, HRC1155 and other tokens based on the Harmony network.

As a reminder, through Trustee you can always profitably buy cryptocurrencies directly from your bank card or exchange them for another asset.

Trustee is a versatile tool that gives you access to all areas of the cryptocurrency world, including the DeFi sector and NFT venues. We are constantly adding new features and integrating new blockchains.   

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for updates. There will be many more to come!



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