Trustee Wallet has developed universal interface for integration Smart Swap

Trustee Wallet has developed a unique solution for integrating exchange providers into the application. The new development gives partners the opportunity to become a member of the Trustee ecosystem in a simplified manner and attract even more customers through the Smart Swap system.

How the Universal Interface works:

1. The liquidity provider contacts Trustee Wallet with a corresponding request by email: [email protected];
2. The Trustee Wallet team sends the provider the documentation on which the interaction system should work;
3. The provider implements the set requirements and informs the Trustee about it;
4. Everything is ready: the liquidity provider is included in the monitoring of Smart Swap exchangers and is able to provide services to new users.

Such a development will allow the parties to save a lot of time and resources: providers can easily connect to the monitoring of exchangers in Trustee themselves by following simple conditions. Now there is no need to separately integrate each partner according to its specific API.

This elegant solution is an important step in building a mutually beneficial partner ecosystem.
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