Trustee Wallet has been updated to version 1066

Trustee Wallet has been updated to version 1066, in which:

  • improved user onboarding process and simplified wallet creation process;
  • the process of sorting coins on the main screen has been optimized;
  • Harmony blockchain integrated: receiving, storing and sending ONE, HRC20, HRC721, HRC1155 tokens and custom tokens are available;
  • added SKRPN token on the Aeneas blockchain;
  • updated WalletConnect page design;
  • French language was added;
  • application code was optimized;
  • minor bugs that do not affect the application’s performance have been eliminated.

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  1. Early Huelga Pereira Reply

    Muy agradecido estoy con la empresa y con el trabajo que hacen en TRUSTEE WALLET, me encanta mucho y la uso desde su salida al mercado, saludos desde Cuba.
    Y feliz día del amor y la amistad.

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