Trustee Wallet has been updated to version 1014

Trustee Wallet has been updated to version 1014, in which:

– redesigned WalletConnect page and optimized functionality;

– optimized the Tokens page in the “Add Asset” tab, to filter tokens by blockchain;

– added Polygon tokens by default (ETH matic, USDT matic, USDC matic, etc.)

– added the option of adding custom Polygon tokens by smart contract address;

– SHIB BEP20 and EXON (trc20) tokens were added;

– optimized Solana Staking (SOL), now you can specify your own validator by its address;

– the threshold for blocking Ripple for address activation was lowered to 10 XRP;

– added ability to copy the HEX of a transaction to send outside the application;

– improved UI for transactions in Ethereum, BNB and TRX coins;

– Loyalty Program operation was optimized;

– minor bugs have been fixed.

Enjoy the use!

Which update did you like the most?



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