Trustee Wallet celebrates its birthday

May 01 2021 Trustee Wallet Christmas Day
In honor of the Holy Saints, they sent us prizes and gifts.

Within the framework of the Svyatkovo quest from Trustee Wallet “Guess the seed phrase and draw the Prize – $ 500 in BTC” we published pictures, on which boules the words of seed phrases were “encrypted” (the 12th picture will be published on April 30, 2021).
It’s the very next hour of direct mail and reinsurements. Prize – $ 500 in BTC “.
Bully, there is also a naked sticker pack competition and a check competition.

Nagaduєmo, Svyatkovy Straight Efir will go through 1 May 2021 on YouTube from 14:00 to 16:00.
Program efir:
1. Pidbitty pidsumkiv. Development plans and prospects for 2021 rik.
Trustee Wallet CEO – Vadim Grusha.

2. Speech by ambassadors.
Evgeny Romanenko, Vladimir Popov, Maria Vovchok, Sofia Kievskaya.

3. Personal stories from users – we invite active #TrusteeWallet users to talk about their history of acquaintance with the service. The most interesting and original stories will receive a prize!

4. Quiz with questions about the functionality of the wallet. The fastest users who give the correct answers will receive a prize!

5. Summing up the results of the check competition.

6. Drawing of the main prize – $ 500 in BTC!

We invite you to view. It will be, in the best traditions of Trustee, enchanting!


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