Trustee Wallet Integrated MetisDAO Layer 2 solution

Trustee Wallet provides access to over 29 blockchains and thousands of different tokens. They can be safely stored in Trustee, easily purchased or withdrawn to a bank card.

In this article, we are pleased to announce that Trustee is the first crypto wallet to support MetisDAO.

MetisDAO is an easy-to-use, highly scalable and inexpensive Layer 2 network. Metis can be used in a variety of user scenarios including farming, DEX trading, and providing the gig-economy with dApps that offer cheap and fast micropayments. A hallmark of Metis is the presence of pre-installed tools to facilitate development, manage collaboration, and leverage the network effects of a decentralized financial ecosystem without unnecessary costs and bottlenecks.

Metis’s goal is to make building dApps and DACs on their platform so easy that even blockchain newbies can do it in minutes.

The following features are currently available for Metis in Trustee:

  • safe storage of METIS;
  • receiving and sending METIS;
  • the ability to add and store custom tokens on the Metis blockchain.

Our integrations do not end there, Trustee as a universal platform for accessing all the possibilities of the world of cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFT will expand the possibilities of working with a decentralized protocol in the future. Follow the news.

Successful transactions in the MetisDAO ecosystem (METIS).

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