Trustee Crypto Wallet Expands Possibilities for Polygon (Matic) Blockchain

Crypto Wallet Trustee is constantly expanding options for users, including working with the Polygon blockchain (Matic).

We remind you that previously the app fully integrated the original Polygon network and users were able to receive, send and securely store MATIC, MATIC erc20 and other options.

Now we have added the ability to buy MATIC for USD and RUB directly from your bank card.  

Additionally, working with NFT on the Polygon blockchain has been greatly simplified. 

Trustee Wallet allows you to store, receive and send NFT on the Polygon blockchain. We also remind you that to send such NFTs to another wallet you need the network’s native coin – MATIC.  

Since you can profitably and easily buy MATIC directly from your bank card in a few minutes, you can automatically transfer NFTs to another wallet and make any transactions after buying the token.    

Trustee as a universal platform to access all features of the cryptocurrency world, DeFi and NFT will expand functionality in the future. Thank you for being with us! 



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