Trustee added support for Uniswap (Token ERC20)

Added support for the Uniswap token to Trustee Wallet.

Uniswap (UNI) is a governance token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ticker: UNI.

Available in the application:

  • safe storage of UNI;
  • purchase of UNI from any bank card and withdrawal to Ukrainian cards in hryvnia;
  • exchange UNI for any coin in the application.

The creators of the token claim that its goal is to further increase the decentralization of the protocol by offering end users more control rights. This not only increases public confidence in the Uniswap protocol, but also provides better protection for users’ funds.

And the mission of Trustee Wallet is to remain a universal platform for accessing all the possibilities of the world of cryptocurrencies and cover all user needs in one application.

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  1. Helao Ndakondja Reply

    Good day
    Please advice me better !
    I want to withdraw or sell my Ethereum.
    What must I do to withdraw and receive cash in my bank account.

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