Top NFT artists to keep an eye on

Either you are an NFT art collector or creator yourself, these examples of famous NFT artists will serve you as an inspiration.

The trade volume of non-fungible token art hit about $4 billion in September. The total market cap of the top-100 Ethereum NFT collections & NBA Top Shot is rounding at $14.19 billion according to the DappRadar report.

What do the numbers tell us?

The NFT market is surging up as never before and there are two major driving forces that push it forward: NFT artists and blockchain game developers. It is important to determine your role in this story: are you a passionate collector, an investor, or a passer-by?

The safety notice

Now, you can learn a silly memetic poem about NFTs or just keep our article about them in the bookmarks – the latter is preferable.

Why is it important?

Understanding the implementation of NFTs and how the NFT art pieces are stored on blockchain will help you make better purchasing decisions. For example, buying an NFT art piece that is linked to a Google Drive file is generally a bad idea. The best NFT art is that which is stored entirely on-chain even though it is not always technically possible (for high-resolution images, for instance).

Don’t make this mistake. The newcomers into the crypto-space are tempted to think that it’s only about making profit – it is definitely not. First and foremost, it is about safe, productive, and reliable technology. You are less likely to “invest” in scams and weak projects if you understand this.

Popular NFT artists

Beeple is the most expensive of all the popular NFT artists with an impressive average price per piece holding at $133,850. They paved their path to glory with consistent labor, posting pictures and animations to their Instagram every day in the course of more than 13 years.

Minting every single one their daily pictures as NFTs would be a real pain as you imagine, so instead they made a series of “Everydays”: collages keeping 5,000 pictures per NFT.

Their Instagram profile now has over 2.3 million followers.

Following up on the list of the top NFT artists is Blake Kathryn. The striking visuals of their 3D art and images have got the attention of brands and celebrities long before they got into NFTs. The bid on their latest “Temporal Palace” NFT was $26,000 on Nifty Gateway. It must be very hard to acquire such a masterpiece because Blake does not release new artworks that often, and when they do, it is only one digital copy per artwork.

Coming up next is Jose Delbo, the illustrator of the original Wonder Woman and other DC/Marvel comics. His simple and distinct style appeals to all the comic book connoisseurs: one of the most expensive works (Heroines – Wight of the World) sold for $300,000.

He also breaks the biased misconception that blockchain is not for the old: Jose is 87.

NFT art is not exclusively visual. Music creators post their tracks on audio-first NFT marketplaces and prove that. 3LAU made a fortune selling music. Together with Deadmau5 they are the trailblazers for thousands upcoming musicians who want to make their art exclusive and valuable.

If you are looking for genuinely valuable collectibles, these creators are great examples but there are, of course, dozens more talents waiting for a discovery. Different NFT platforms attract different creators, so we suggest you take a look at our NFT marketplace overview and keep exploring until you find a match that fits your personal taste.

Up-and-coming NFT artists

The lists of the up-and-coming NFT artists we reviewed all agree that Fewocious deserves the rightful place among the top NFT artists of the world. This prodigy started creating at 13 and published their first NFT at the age of 17.

It is hard to decide at the first glance if their works are disgusting or captivating. Perhaps contrasting colors are the recipe of success; or rather the feelings these melting images invoke. Anyways, the impact Fewocious made has earned him global fame… and 17 million dollars in a year.

NFTCulture online magazine remarks Artby Nafay, GuiMarconi, UnicityArt, Giovanni Motta, Young & Sick, Kaneda99, Marius Sperlich, Federico Clapis, and Grimes as up-and-coming NFT artists but the truth is, they have already established a successful career.

Following the popular NFT artists who are already all around the news is easier than discovering a rising star on your own. In the previous section, we advised browsing various NFT marketplaces that are home to many promising artists who refuse to pay punishing Ethereum gas fees. Same rules apply here.

If your goal is to find an artist whose art is likely to soar in price in the foreseeable future, then you have to look for them. The chances that they are featured in the media are slim. You must possess a well-developed aesthetic taste, be aware of the social trends and market moods, and have various coins in your wallet ready to make a quick purchase. Trustee can help you buy crypto but everything else is on you. By the way, the newly acquired Ethereum NFTs (and the existing ones) will display under the respective tab on the main screen.

It is really impossible to make a lucky guess and point you to an artist whose creations you will immediately enjoy.

There are thousands of gifted NFT artists to watch. Find the one whose NFT you’d buy without thinking about its price!


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