NFT games 2021: fun and rewarding to play

NFTs took the market by storm. Taking various forms and utilities, they flood decentralized stores and demonstrate mind-blowing trading volumes. Does it sound like an opportunity to familiarize oneself with blockchain games? It should!

Here is why: NFT assets grant you true ownership of a game. It means that when you opt out from a given game, the assets remain tied to your account as long as a blockchain exists. Sell these assets right away, wait until they rise in price, or use them in another multiverse game!

The time and money spent in a blockchain game that features NFTs have the potential of making you rich, even if you’re not a professional gamer. Hence, the growing interest in NFT crypto games.

Top NFT games 2021 for mobile

If you prefer to play (and earn) on the go, the titles below are exactly what you look for. No doubt, most NFT crypto games are web-based, and you can always launch them from a phone browser. Still, having a native app for your iPhone or Android device is so much better: it guarantees better performance and a perfect fit for your screen. We will mention some of these games later on in this article.

NFT games 2021 with the lowest entry barriers

Ethereum games suffer from expensive transactions bloating the prices of assets, FOMO, low speed, and network congestion. It would be ideal if each game had its own robust and cheap sidechain. Until this is the case, joining an Ethereum game can cost thousands of dollars upfront. These games still have ample audiences that are attracted by a possibly high revenue.

What if investing hundreds of dollars does not seem reasonable?

Our reasoning and the selection of actual titles will help you figure out your own top game NFT. Keep reading to discover our top picks!

Best NFT games scouting techniques

The games that already earned enough reputation for themselves do not need an introduction. They are easily distinguishable by high market cap and the sheer number of mentions in various social media.

However, some blockchain games are still in the alpha stage of development. To benefit from giveaways and exclusive early access content, one has to first find these games.

Best NFT games from best sources

Browse your favorite chains on Coinmarketcap play-to-earn games overview. Scrolling the list down far enough will reveal lots of early access games. The games that are not yet playable are on that list, too, which means that their token and asset prices might still be low before the pump cycle. It is also the place to monitor the upcoming game ICOs.

DappRadar conveniently separates apps into categories and blockchains of origin, too.

If you’re not in the mood to dig into it yourself then find a decent vlogger who already did all the job for you. “Play to earn” keywords in the YouTube search bar should do the trick. Nonetheless, always do your own research!

Best NFT games from your community

Gamers who look for fun and profits gather up into communities to share experience and team up into clans or guilds, if possible. If you encounter a Discord or Telegram user with a nickname that indicates their community – ask them how to join.

We can suggest one such community right away: Yield Guild Games (YGG). Find them on Discord to get access to NFT games news, airdrop notifications, new release announcements, and discussions.

Best NFT games 2021 list

Moving on to the actual list of NFT games to check out in 2021 right now! Here are a couple of titles that have been out for a while and earned their status.

Axie Infinity

This is a legend on par with CryptoKitties; it is also similar in terms of gameplay. The profit prospects are extremely high; there are plenty of game mechanics to make the game diverse and addictive, and the entry barrier is comparably high as well.

Start playing with at least three Axie beasts that are available on the local market. Fellow players sell the cheapest ones for about $60. There is no price cap, really. Seeing that some Axies are listed for 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ETH we were very much surprised.

The assets associated with your Trustee Ethereum address will be visible on the app’s main screen.


It is hard to find another collectible card play-to-earn game that is so cheap to on-board. $10 spent on an XP book unlocks all the features. Your success depends only on the strength of your deck, your skill, and time spent on Quests and progression through Tournaments.

The Quests reward you free cards that are tradable on the Market. The Tournaments bring token rewards.

Playing it for fun is totally free.

Both games are playable on phones or PC web browsers.

Top NFT games by genre

  • Decentraland, like many other games inspired by Minecraft, builds a huge virtual universe. Cryptovoxels and Sandbox are the other popular two.
  • Some of the sport-theme top NFT games are Sorare (football), Zed Run (horse breeding), and REVV (car racing).
  • There’s a great deal of farming simulators on blockchain. Usually, there’s a “Farm” keyword in their titles: Farmers World, Farming Tales on WAX or CropBytes Farm on Tron, for example.
  • Collectible card games on blockchain are as common as crypto farming games. Gods Unchained and Skyweaver currently draw a lot of attention from the gaming community. Dark Country offers even more collectible card goodness for Windows and Mac PCs, in the grim American Gothic style.
  • Dark Forest space exploration MMO looks cryptic at the first glance but video tutorials by fellow players reveal that the game, in fact, is easy to play. It costs nothing to start playing (the creators donate 0.05c xDAI to your burner wallet) but keep
  • An elitist’s choice in 4X space-themed blockchain games would be Star Atlas. Dubbed as “Eve Online on Solana”, this ambitious triple-A MMO project features expensive assets and, of course, a nearly infinite universe to explore.
  • As for the blockchain RPG games, check out Diablo-inspired Lost Relics or low-cost beginner-friendly Crypto Blades. Keep an eye on free-to-play Guild of Guardians that is planned to release sometime in early 2022.

More top NFT games to earn small right away

Alien Worlds is fairly popular right now, thanks to its extremely simple gameplay and considerable payouts. It takes time to get used to the ecosystem. Although some initial WAX investment is required, Alien Worlds Discord community members often donate some coins to beginners. As soon as you have some basic NFT equipment and a handful of WAX in the account, all it takes is solving captchas every time the equipment cooldown is reset.

Crazy Defense Heroes Tower Defense by Animoca Brands can earn you some TOWER token with zero initial investment. Simply earn enough XP in this mobile game to win a tiny fraction of the monthly reward pool. The token is going to be used in the upcoming company games.

The game itself is great but the total October and August earnings, which totaled about $10 each, left players somewhat disappointed.

NFT crypto games future

Play-to-earn is the future of gaming. Ubisoft invested into Animoca Brands to support such a view, and it’s only a matter of time until they release their first AAA play-to-earn title. Electronic Arts recognize the importance of NFTs and blockchain in gaming, too.

Top gaming companies of the world keep building connections, developing next-gen games, and gaming solutions. Is there any reason why you would want to be left out of it?


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