Multi currency wallet Trustee has integrated Fantom blockchain (FTM)

Now Fantom Wallet is always at your fingertips!

Trustee Wallet has opened access to more than 30 different blockchains and thousands of tokens, where they can be easily profitably purchased with a bank card.  

Fantom is a next-generation scalable blockchain. It uses the aBFT consensus mechanism that allows the blockchain to overcome the limitations of older generation networks and become a cheaper and faster alternative. The FTM network’s native coin is in the top 30 cryptocurrency rankings. 

Secure storage, receipt and transfer of FTM are currently available in the crypto wallet.

 In addition, with Trustee you can profitably buy other types of cryptocurrencies directly from bank cards and conduct other transactions.

Trustee as a universal platform for access to all features of the cryptocurrency world, DeFi and NFT will expand its capabilities in the future. 

Stay tuned for more updates. There will be many more to come!


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