How to pay with bitcoin

If you kept an eye on the history of Bitcoin, you’ve probably read a ridiculous story about a guy who bought pizza for a handful of Bitcoins. Should he hold the coins, he would have been a millionaire now. A bitcoin cost cents right after its release only to rise to about $60,000 this April.

So, if it was possible to spend crypto on pizza a decade ago, it must be a lot easier to do nowadays, right? Where there is will, there is the way. If you want to find a way how to pay with bitcoin, you will.

How to accept bitcoin as payment

Choosing the exact way how to accept bitcoin as payment is a matter of personal preference and imagination. You might think, ‘What is so complicated about that? Just send a payer your Bitcoin address, period!’ True, if the payer has your address, they can initiate a transaction through their wallet.

Yet, it could be even easier than that.

How to receive bitcoin payment via Trustee Wallet

As soon as you create a new Bitcoin address in your Trustee app, it can be easily copied in one click. That is the basic way we mentioned just now. Alternatively, if the person who wonders how to make a bitcoin payment to you is somewhere nearby and they have a Trustee app too, use QR codes.

You need to select your digital asset (bitcoin, in this case), push the Receive button and show the payer the code. In turn, they need to push the Send button and push a little QR-code pictograph in the addresses line. They then catch your code with the camera and type in the amount of crypto to spend.

Trustee takes no extra commission for transactions like this, isn’t it lovely? We’ll put the download links below if you don’t have the mobile app yet.

How to pay using bitcoin

When you learn how to pay someone with bitcoin, the safety concerns are less intense. What else do you need if the Receive address is on the display like in the case with

Unfortunately, most of the sellers never heard of Bitcoin. Even if they did, using it seems rather a hindrance to their business than an advantage. How do you pay with bitcoin if the receiving party has no wallet? You have to swap bitcoins one way or another.

Buy a gift card for bitcoins. eGifter is far from the only gift card service that allows purchases for crypto. You can buy virtually anything with a gift card on, say, Amazon.

There are lots of services that accept bitcoin directly: it is absolutely impossible to list all of them with the rising popularity of crypto. Check out our article about some online marketplaces that accept Litecoin – all of them work with BTC, too.

Swapping for fiat is available in the Trustee app, too. As fast as the network itself allows it, the fiat equivalent of bitcoin will land on your bank card, ready for use.

How to pay someone with bitcoin

There used to be a time when services like PayPal dominated the market of quick and safe money transactions for charity, trade, or loans. The emergence of cryptocurrencies turned the tables, and now PayPal actively integrates crypto to retain its market share.

Cryptocurrencies run on the computational powers of the community members themselves. The users don’t need an intermediary in their financial relations.

We hope more users learn how to pay using bitcoin to support their favorite store or perhaps even to cover pay for the bills.


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