How to earn cryptocurrency in 2021: mine, forge, stake, create, play…

Back in 2015 we would advise you to give a look to bitcoin faucets and find yourself a good, credible one. It was possible to register an account in a few steps (without the hurdles of downloading a 300GB blockchain) and start earning about 100 satoshi per hour as a reward for clicking a single button. Random jackpots could bring a free 80,000-satoshi gift once in a while.

If you’re stuck at some job anyway, such an activity does not take any considerable effort. 

It’s not possible right now. Is there a creative, less mind-numbing way, how to earn cryptocurrency in 2021? Fortunately, there’s plenty.

How to earn cryptocurrency now for a hard skill

Those who actually want to earn crypto (like they earn money for certain products or services) should take a look at cryptocurrency freelance platforms.

ETHLANCE is the first finished project of district0x network. Although there’s not much movement there at the time of writing, it survived the initial hype around crypto freelancing in 2017 and remains moderately populated with job offers. Naturally, most of the offers are related to blockchain development. claims to be the world’s top freelance platform that pays in cryptocurrency (what a brilliant marketing move), and it does indeed look credible because at least it does not anonymize employer companies.

In fact, there is a lot of crypto freelancing services, but when you skim through two-years-old lists of them, looking how to earn cryptocurrency now, keep in mind that some of them are scam or long dead. It’s best to keep track of the fresh discussions of fellow freelancers on reddit, discord, or other social media.

Occasionally, you’ll notice experimental services that enable paying out with coins on mainstream freelancing platforms like peopleperhour, UpWork, or; namely, Bitwage.

How to earn cryptocurrency online free

Faucets are definitely free but their low-effort, low-reward mechanics repel aggressive crypto enthusiasts. Certain individuals are ready to grind crypto days and nights. Starting with zero investment, they are capable of amassing impressive crypto capital through dedication and patience. Considering the possibility of 600-800% ROI in a couple of years, it is worth the trouble.

How to earn free cryptocurrency? Try out the following scheme.

It’s not a secret that receiving crypto tips for great content is possible since the inception of Dogecoin. Steemit platform took it to the next level; then, Hive hard forked from Steemit and gave rise to even more decentralized social applications that require zero investments and still enable the posters to earn the respective tokens.

In case of Hive, after the registration and creation of the first post (on, for example; although there are other blogging platforms), a user starts accumulating HIVE tokens based on how many times their post got upvoted. The upvote value of each user is proportional to their Hive power. So HIVE and Hive Power are different tokens; the former is liquid (tradable), the latter is not.

As long as the post keeps attracting attention, you basically earn free Hive using sheer talent. Tokens can later be used to buy other digital assets or increase your account’s voting power. That also brings us to the question, ‘How to earn money through cryptocurrency in blockchain games?’

How to earn cryptocurrency online free: Gaming

Now that you have a handful of free tokens, you can use them to buy a starter pack in any hive-based game. New digital assets generate within the game itself, and new players buy them directly from the owners. Thus, a moderate investment of time may bring a considerable reward.

Sometimes the team behind a given game promotes it when it’s in early development by giving away discounted or free starter item packs.

Look at the Axie Infinity market, for example. Right now, the cheapest creatures cost around $150, which equals 0.084 ETH. Considering that the very first ones were traded for 0.001 ETH, a seller gets a pretty penny every time they breed a virtual beast. Play-to-earn is here!

How to earn cryptocurrency online free: Airdrops

There is another way to earn a coin with zero effort: airdrops. They usually take place when a token or coin creator wants to advertise their endeavor, whatever it is. For example, artists may sell their creations for their own tokens. Through airdrops, they popularize their art.

The airdrop value in dollars is usually insignificant. Still, it’s something to start with for a beginner.

Another example: a dev team behind some “X” token launches a new project “Y”. Here is how they reward the loyal community and stir the interest: all X token holders receive a portion of Y tokens.

How to earn money through cryptocurrency mining

Of course, we couldn’t omit the only available way of acquiring cryptocurrency when it just appeared.

Mining was meant to be a universally accessible option for everyone with a PC. However, when the stakes rose, individuals and companies started to build mining systems specifically designed to mine, effectively leaving out any newcomers without similar powerful equipment.

At the moment, bitcoin or ether mining is only viable through mining pools. Sure, there’s a lot of other mineable coins: LTC, ZEC, XMR, and ETC are most popular coins based on the proof-of-work consensus.

How to earn money through cryptocurrency staking

Proof-of-stake mining does not involve intense computations as opposed to proof-of-work mining. Miners still verify the blockchain transactions and compete for the right to add the next block and get the reward. But ultimately, their potential reward is proportional to the amount of crypto they already own.

It’s not unheard of that a crypto or token is programmed in such a way that assets just keep slowly multiplying inside their user’s wallet. 

Tron Stacking is available in the Trustee Wallet.

How to earn cryptocurrency now as a visual art creator

Browsing through freelance platforms is still an option, but being able to mint your unique digital art asset in the form of a non-fungible token is way more cool.

How do you do that? Check out makersplace.

Sell your art in limited editions of one or more items. Who knows how much an art lover is willing to pay for your creation? 0.5 ETH? 4 ETH? Or 130?

After all, the best way, how to earn cryptocurrency, is to do what genuinely inspires you.


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