Added support for AMB coin (Ambrosus Network) in Trustee

Added support for AMB coin (Ambrosus Network) in Trustee

Ambrosus is a global blockchain company and ecosystem for supply chain traceability solutions. Ambrosus is optimized for the implementation and interconnectivity with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors, and ERP systems.
AMB is an ecosystem coin that serves as a means of transferring value in the ecosystem. 

Trustee has added support for AMB coin in the app. Users now have access to:

– secure storage;

– receiving and sending AMB. 

Trustee Wallet remains a one-stop platform for accessing all the features of the cryptocurrency world. Chat for discussions: 



  1. Laurent Bouin Reply

    Good evening
    I am trying trustee wallet and i have just sent 3999 AMB to my new trustee wallet.
    I thought it was possible to stake AMB but i am less sure. CAN you confirm ?
    Best regards

    1. Людмила Кукуету Reply

      Unfortunately, staking AMB is not possible right now.
      But stacking of other cryptocurrencies is available, SOL, TRX for example

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