Where is Litecoin accepted?

We have laid out the description of Litecoin technology in one of the previous articles but let us come up with a quick recap:

Litecoin is “silver” to Bitcoin’s digital “gold”. It is a proof-of-work limited supply cryptocurrency. It is generally an improvement over the Bitcoin technology.

Litecoin blockchain generates blocks faster than Bitcoin’s.

Litecoin is still in development and builds up partnerships worldwide while Satoshi Nakamoto left Bitcoin for good.

On the one hand, Litecoin is designed in such a way that it could potentially cost a lot more than it does right now. On the other hand, if it wasn’t that cheap, we wouldn’t see so many queries like, ‘Where can I spend Litecoin’. People are not afraid to spend a cheaper, more stable asset. So where to spend Litecoin, indeed?

Where can I spend Litecoin? Consider the perfect timing first.

The price of Litecoin has been fluctuating in the range of $100-300 recently; some traders predict it to stay below $400 by the end of 2021. It is still hard to believe overly optimistic bulls who think that Litecoin will go beyond $1,500 in 2022. They probably hold some LTC and direly want to pump it.

Regardless of what the price will really be, LTC will be less volatile than BTC. Why is that? Take a look at hysteria that revels in the market every time Elon Musk tweets something Bitcoin-related. Meanwhile, Bitcoin keeps losing its grip over the rest of the crypto market. Ethereum, Litecoin, and a formidable gang of altcoins will resist the trend that Bitcoin dictates.

Before you go out thinking, ‘Where can I use Litecoin’ consider that mid-summer is not the best time to do it. Less people trade crypto in summer, some are out on vacation. It causes the price to dip a little. On top of that, we are still experiencing the market correction, and the LTC/USD exchange rate is far from its optimum.

Where to spend Litecoin

Here is a flashy heading dated December 2020: Litecoin to pay everywhere with Visa! Intriguing! According to the article, any US resident may order a physical Litecoin card, issued by Visa, and use it as regular means for payments. One would still have to pass a KYC verification but hey, mass adoption has a price.

It does not mean that all the headache concerning the question, ‘Where is Litecoin accepted’, will vanish. The technology must still be tested in the field.

Another US-exclusive tool that facilitates crypto purchases is Moon browser extension by Amazon. It integrates with its user’s Coinbase account and thus allows them to buy goods with BTC, ETH, or LTC. So yeah, you can spend some Litecoin on Amazon to buy practically anything.

All kinds of specialized companies accept Litecoin, too.

Travala is a travelling company that allows one to arrange their weekend (or a lengthy vacation) and pay with crypto.

In the case with eGifter, it’s all in the name. Make your beloved friends and relatives a nice present, come on. You can’t HODL forever, can you?

Rent or purchase high quality properties with crypto via RE/MAX. Serious business!

Digital gold and digital silver are the widely known names by which the crypto community refers to Bitcoin and Litecoin, so it is only natural that one can buy material gold or silver with these: on Coaex.

It goes without saying that dozens of gambling websites gladly accept a number of coins, including LTC.

Goods producers love cryptocurrencies because the latter allow them to avoid the fees to middlemen of all kinds. If you pay the seller directly, the whole payment sum actually ends up in their pocket intact. For that reason, Litecoin and independent producers promote each other. Tealet is an example of such a cooperation: buying tea with Litecoins, you support Litecoin Foundation. San Marco Coffee is a spot for a coffee person.

As you can see, Litecoin has become moderately popular; at least you don’t risk getting sued for looking up, ‘where is Litecoin accepted’. Anything from flight tickets to pet food can be bought for it.

Giant fintech businesses (MasterCard, Visa) want to stay in the game and win recognition of the young Generation‑Z liberals. Their strategy is, as we can observe, to adopt crypto rather than radically oppose it. “If you can’t beat them, join them”. Some totalitarian governments do not share the idea, so the conflict of interests is going to fully unfold sometime later.

It is a pity, though, that some of the brands that we would really love to see accepting crypto fall behind the expectations. The Steam gaming platform does not accept Litecoin, for one example. The respective announcement is nowhere to be seen.

Anyways, you asked who accepts Litecoin and you got it! Wait until the next big bull run of Bitcoin and see the number and variety of traders who accept crypto quadruple!

By the way, Litecoin users were interested in whether the price of a good or service is fixed or recalculated according to the price in dollars. The latter is the case.

Who accepts Litecoin? With Trustee, you can do it, too.

If the question, ‘Who takes Litecoin’ interests you then you might as well be that person. How about integrating Litecoin payments on your website? Nowpayments.io is just one of the services that solve the issue; we are sure there are many more.

Here is the last extra tip for those who can’t use the benefits of US citizenship and order a Litecoin card: Trustee has a built-in QR-code generator and scanner that make it super easy to transfer crypto peer-to-peer, eye-to-eye. Just have your smartphone with a network connection nearby. It basically kills the question, ‘Where can I spend Litecoin?’

Send Litecoin to any other Trustee wallet, receive it effortlessly.


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