How much is Ethereum trading at right now and why

The market correction is still going on, and it is unclear where the price will go next. Some argue that the Bitcoin price can dip as far as $20,000, the next historical low, and the price of Ether will follow, arriving at approximately $600. Such a thing is barely possible but traders should have a backup plan that takes it into account in any case.

How much is Ethereum worth now

The question you must be interested in is probably not, ‘What is Ethereum trading at right now?’ but rather, ‘How much liquid cash I’ll get from the sale considering all commissions and other deductions?’

That, we can easily answer. 

Trustee aggregates multiple online exchanges allowing you to choose the best deal out there and know exactly how much fiat money will end up on your bank card. Comparing the mainstream crypto exchanges one by one is another option.

How much is Ethereum worth long-term

We’ve been wondering: if there is a bitcoin rainbow price prediction chart, then there must be an Ethereum price prediction chart as well, right?

In fact, there is one! All the rainbow lovers are welcome to check out a beautiful visualization of Ethereum price statistics. It’s not financial advice, of course. Remember: there is always an evil person whose tweets make careless traders lose their houses.

What this chart does is not so much the price prediction but rather a great proof of the point that crypto always goes up in the long term. The 2018’s high ($1,300) is lower than the local low we saw this March. Even if you buy on the high – hold for two or more years and reap the profits.

What is Ethereum worth in numbers

The objective factors that influence how much is Ethereum worth are its technological core and well‑established reputation. Ethereum appeared not long after Bitcoin itself: it secured Ethereum a privilege of being the second successful cryptocurrency in history. As you can see, the so-called “speed-to-market” directly determines market capitalization.

At the time of writing, Ethereum’s market cap is $280.68 billion. Mind that the price per coin dropped from about $4,000 to $2,300. Although the crypto market as a whole lost billions of total market cap, bullish traders still expect it to grow back and bring profits.

The most optimistic ones predict bitcoin price at $500,000 sometime in future. They are no longer brave enough to expect such a price by the end of summer (thanks to the overwhelming power of Elon’s tweets) but they are not giving up on Bitcoin either.

If these traders are not willing to discard Bitcoin, which is, truth be told, a fairly obsolete technology, then why would they discard Ethereum that is developing constantly?

Indeed, there is no benchmark or international standard that would help us determine, what is Ethereum worth objectively, compared to another digital asset. The behavior of traders themselves defines its value.

What is Ethereum trading at right now: undervalued or overvalued?

Some experts point out that we witness extremely irrational trade at the moment. People invest into meme-coins without double-checking their applicable or the underlying technologies. In other words, the market is narrative-driven. Today people are in the mood to buy meme-coins; weeks ago they were up for NFTs. Some assets are overvalued beyond measure while some others lack the attention (and capital) they truly deserve. Therefore, it is impossible to determine, what is Ethereum worth at any given moment of time.

So what do you do if you know Ethereum deserves to cost more?

The only viable advice is:

Keep an eye on the market and the news.

The narrative may change any time. But what will impact the price of Ethereum regardless of the narrative is your stubborn support.

How much is Ethereum worth today

The typical go-to sources you would look for in order to find out, what is the current price of Ethereum, are CoinGecko or CoinDesk.

Note that the former displays how much is one Ethereum coin worth in bitcoins. Such a number is characteristic of Ethereum’s recognition and value compared to Bitcoin: evidently, Bitcoin is losing its influence and value compared to Ether. If such a trend continues, Ethereum will soon become the trendsetter of the industry.

Cryptobubbles visualize the price change and give you a good idea how a certain coin withstands the swings of the market.

On the other hand, why would you browse these websites if the Trustee wallet shows, how much is Ethereum worth today, and notifies you about the price changes every hour? What a handy feature, isn’t it?


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