Trustee added support for BNB Coin and BSC

Today, the public is showing an increased interest in alternative financial solutions and crypto exchanges are no exception. Those, in turn, try to provide users with wide functionality and flexibility, therefore they integrate various innovations. One such solution is the BNB Coin created by the Binance exchange. This coin is very tightly integrated into the structure of the exchange and allows users to have certain “goodies” in the form of reduced commissions for trading, converting of “dust” (small balances on the balance) into a BNB coin with subsequent exchange into other coins. It is worth noting the growth in the value of the BNB coin – since the beginning of 2021, its price has grown from ~ $40 to $280 which of course cannot but please investors.

At Trustee Wallet, as true crypto enthusiasts, we are ready to support every productive solution in the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as satisfy the needs of our users. Therefore, we integrated the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and added the BNB Coin. Thus, we have significantly expanded the variability of user actions in the application.

The following is available in the application:

  • Safe storage of BNB, BSC, as well as all BEP20 tokens;
  • Buying BNB from any map of the world and withdrawing to cards in UAH and RUB;
  • Exchange BNB for any coin in the application.


Since ETH and BSC addresses are very similar, users often confuse them and send BSC assets to services that are not supported by the BEP20 standard. Integration of this standard will allow Trustee Wallet users not to worry about it and receive tokens of various standards without the risk of loss. Also, note that the network commission for BEP20 tokens is paid in the native BSC coin!

The integration of services with BNB and BSC does not end there. Trustee Wallet, as a universal platform for accessing the world of cryptocurrencies, will constantly expand its functionality.

Thank you for staying with us!

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