How to earn bitcoin: skill, speculation, mining?

Faucet farming was easy just a few years ago. One really had to grind more than a dozen faucets for months, scraping the rewards all around, biting the lip in sight of a ludicrous withdrawal fee, watching ads, passing surveys, playing silly games…

Before we even start discussing how to earn bitcoin, there is an important matter to consider: taxation. It is a painful thought but don’t fret just yet: maybe crypto is not regulated in your region at the moment. It buys you some time to do the research and prepare for whatever the government comes up with next.

With the legal affairs settled, you now can choose one of the two fundamentally different ways: earning bitcoin with zero investments or allocating a certain budget to invest in various tools and gimmicks. We are going to cover both of the ways.

How to earn bitcoin online: zero to hero

In fact, you cannot earn bitcoin offline because the network requires the Internet to run transactions.

Here is another little disclaimer: don’t expect to earn more than you usually do with a conventional job. Don’t even look at how to earn 1 bitcoin in a day for free, you are only going to attract ironic jokes in response. As of the time of writing, 1 BTC costs around $50,000: quite a lot of people around the world dream to earn that much money in a year. Moreover, making that much you can be considered the 1% rich elite, depending on the country.

If you see a promise of sky-high bitcoin rewards (e.g., “double your bitcoin”) – stay away. It’s a scam.

To avoid fraudsters you must understand the underlying technology and economy of a certain app or service. There is, for example, a CryptoTab browser that promises BTC rewards just for using it. And how does it work? They are not exactly clear about that! Presumably, there is a built-in Monero miner in the browser, which converts XMR into BTC at the point you are eligible for withdrawal. Indubitably, the browser developer reaps some of the rewards; swap fees and network fees chew into your earnings a bit, too. So why not just run a Monero miner yourself? Because you are too afraid to build its source code from github perhaps? Well, some profit hunters enjoy taking advantage of that.

Long story short, always increase your financial and technological literacy to spot suspiciously lucrative offers. Where do you find news and insights about cryptocurrencies? We have a guide on that.

Back to the topic: with faucets, you earn a tiny fraction of a cent each time you roll. It only works if you want an hourly distraction on your day job. The efficiency of such an earning method is questionable.

But how to earn bitcoin doing absolutely nothing? Amass a following of referrals on various services. To do that, you’d better have a marketer talent and significant social exposure. Exchanges and play-to-earn games usually have referral bonuses (duh, and faucets too).

Guess what, Trustee Wallet has a referral program as well: even the referrals of your referrals earn you some coins. See, you don’t have to buy crypto, solve captchas, or keep the app active to earn with us.

One more way to earn crypto is to actually earn it. Visit laborx for a considerable selection of crypto gigs and a chance to enter the niche while there is still little competition.

Earning referral incomes, playing, and working for crypto is one thing. The next level is to think like an entrepreneur: money makes more money. There is no point in owning wealth if it does not generate more wealth.

How to earn money with bitcoin

Often, you earn some for spending some. Lolli offers a set of stores to buy from, rewarding you with bitcoin. It is a cashback program, basically. Another example: a BlockFi Credit Card comes with 1.5% bitcoin cashback on all purchases. As for a binge-shopper, these are not the worst options.

How to earn bitcoin online with crypto trading bots

Day trading is not the same it used to be a decade ago. To gain scalable and stable profits from trading, one does not have to spend long hours in front of multiple screens: software applications do the job.

Either PC-based or mobile, these tools compare prices across multiple exchanges via APIs, execute profitable deals, and predict prices. Read more.

How to earn bitcoin online investing and holding

HODL will never get old. Even the most convinced bitcoin critic cannot deny that its price periodically grows 6-7 times, although an 80% fall (one fifth of the previous high) might precede the growth.

Warren Buffett once said that you shouldn’t even think about owning an asset for ten minutes if you are not willing to keep it for ten years. Of course you first have to spend a substantial sum of money to get a corresponding return.

How to earn money with bitcoin, supporting altcoins

You might have heard the statements, ‘Litecoin is undervalued’, or ‘Ethereum Classic is undervalued’. At the same time, Bitcoin is becoming older day by day. It is true that the older it gets, the more adoption it sees. On the other hand, it is incomparably slow, restricted in functions, and lacking some good privacy protection. Wrapping and SegWit don’t alleviate the situation too much.

So how about selling BTC and going all-in on SOL or MINA (not financial advice)? You can always buy more BTC back because the strongest altcoins surge at mind-boggling rates, always faster than bitcoin.

How to earn bitcoin online with an EARN button

Binance Earn, Coinbase Earn, Freebitcoin Earn – whatever. Just read the Terms and Conditions carefully and select the program with the highest APY.

Where do the earnings come from? There are a few scenarios. When you lock your funds, you allow an exchange to lend them to other users. As they cover the credit, you get some of the credit rate back. Alternatively, when you lock some coins (or just subscribe to a flexible savings plan), you invest in mining or stake coins under the hood. The APY can range anywhere between 0,5 and 60% or more.

How to earn money with bitcoin mining

Lately there have been a lot of users asking if bitcoin mining is still a thing in 2021.

The equipment is noisy and must be stationed outside of the living area, if used en masse.

It produces excess heat and requires artificial cooling.

The initial investment price is way too much for an average newcomer. One ASIC miner would cost around $6,000. Although tiny budget builds for $800-900 are possible, the yields are lower as well – and one must consider the electricity cost deductions.

That said, one is better off staking crypto. Besides, there are more profitable coins, in terms of mining.

How to earn 1 bitcoin

It is a decent goal for a lifetime. As soon as you earn one, you can aim at two or just spend it. Would you buy a Tesla? Pay a college debt? Finally have a vacation? Open a shop?

Feel free to invent your own recipe on how to earn 1 bitcoin – this is going to be an interesting story.


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