Buying and selling ChainLink (ERC20 token) from a bank card

Chainlink (LINK) is a coin of a decentralized oracle service built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Since blockchains do not have access to data outside their network, they need special programs – oracles (oracle), they take data from the outside world and put it on the blockchain to fulfill conditions under other “smart” contracts. Chainlink technology helps connect smart contracts to external resources in various networks using APIs. This is becoming more and more in demand on the market, therefore, there is more and more attention to the project.

In this regard, the new ChainLink Token ERC20 (LINK) has been officially added to Trustee Wallet.

Available in the application:

  • secure storage of LINK;
  • purchase of LINK from any map of the world and withdrawal to Ukrainian cards in hryvnia;
  • exchange LINK for any coin in the application.

Trustee Wallet always remains a universal platform for accessing all the possibilities of the world of cryptocurrencies.


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