Buy and sell Tron (TRX) via bank card

At the time when the network fee in Ethereum or Bitcoin reaches several tens of dollars, We want to offer an alternative. The Tron network can become such an alternative for fast and cheap transfers. Commissions in it are only a few cents, so we have integrated a new provider into Trustee, which provides the buy and sale of Tron directly from a bank card.

Available in the application:

  • secure storage of Tron (TRX);
  • Tron staking with an annual yield of 5%;
  • buy TRX from any bank card and withdrawal to cards in UAH;
  • exchange TRX for any coin in the application.


  1. Victor Thomas Reply

    Please your available methods of pmt do not favour me as a nigerian, pls is there any other imethod i should use to buy crypto from Trustee App?

  2. Людмила Кукуету Reply

    you can use global providers like mercurio and moonpay, and we are also working on adding new ones

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